ORP METER CT-8022 (CT8022) Products
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Name ORP METER CT-8022
Code CT8022
Type Standard
Category LAIN-LAIN
Price Rp782.250,00
Tax Rate No Tax
Tax Method Exclusive
Unit PCS (PCS)
In Stock No
Product Details

Range -1200 sampai dengan +1200 mV
Accuracy 1mV
Resolution 1 mL/g
Range (Temp.)0 50C ( 32 122F ).
Accuracy 0.8 C/ 1.5 F
Resolution 0.1C / 0.1 F
Temperature compensation 0-50C (Auto)
Operating Temperature 0-50C
Operating Humidity 80 %
Calibration 2 point auto calibration

Dalam paket:
ORP meter
Buku manual
Baterai 4 x lr44 include

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