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Code TDSEC510
Type Standard
Brand OEM
Category TDS METER
Price Rp2.250.000,00
Tax Rate No Tax
Tax Method Exclusive
Unit PCS (PCS)
In Stock No
Product Details

Measuring Range:
– 0.05~18.25 MQ; with 0.01, 0.02cm-1,
(0.01cm-1 is a pipe plug-in electrode);
(0.02cm-1 is a quick-loading electrode
– 0.5~200 us/cm, with O.1cm-1
– 1-2000 us/cm , with 1.0cm-1,
(optional: 1~4000us),
– 20us 20ms/cm, with10.0cm-1,
(optional: 200us~100ms)
Electrode wire length:
– Plug-in electrode length: 5 m;
– Quick-fit electrode: 1.5 m; (can be customized);
– Accuracy: <1> Display mode:
– The full-view LCD screen can display the
conductivity value, temperature value and
mA value on the same screen,
Medium temperature:
– Normal temperature electrode: 0 60 ° C;
– High temperature electrode: 0~120 ° C;
– Medium pressure: <0> – Temperature compensation: automatic
compensation based on 25 °C;
Alarm setting:
– Upper and lower limit relay alarm output, alarm
prompts HI or LO, and sounds an alarm;
– Contact capacity: Maximum 3A/250V AC (resistive load)
– Power supply: AC 220V + 10%
Environmental conditions:
– (1) Temperature 0~50°C
(2) Humidity 80%RH
– Dimensions: 48 x 96 x 100mm (height x width x depth)
– Opening size: 45x92mm
– Installation method: Panel mounted

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